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Office Printers

How much printing and scanning goes on in your office?

If your office consumes more than four to six reams (2,000 to 3,000 sheets) of paper per month across all the separate printers, you might consider a floor-standing MFP (Multi Function Printer) model. Floor-standing MFPs cost less to operate than desktop printers (especially inkjets) and are much faster as well.

Scanning for electronic document handling is much more important these days as well and these machines can scan very quickly compared to desktop models.

For example, depending on model, these machines can print 40+ pages per minute and scan 60+ pages per minute -- far faster than any desktop machine.

large floor standing printer scanner


Even smaller floor-standing MFPs outperform most desktop models. Because compact size and cheap construction isn't a primary concern, these machines are more robust with heavier, more powerful, and faster paper handling components. This yields far faster paper movement and less jamming resulting in faster workflow completion which make these ideal for sharing among perhaps a dozen users.

For example, the scanner on these machines can hit 60 pages per minute and accept perhaps 100 sheets or more of input -- something your desktop MFP could never do. Same with printing, with 40 pages per minute a common speed.

Lease vs. Owning

Generally you'll lease a floor-standing MFP rather than buy it outright. Just as with leasing a car, your monthly lease payments for a MFP are lower with little or no up-front cost. Most leasing agreements include a service contract that includes toner and all repairs (parts and labor) and other machine consumables, except for paper.

The lease will include a certain number of printed pages per month to be agreed upon when the lease is signed. Pages beyond that incur a minimal extra charge. Some leasing companies contract for a total number of included pages over the life of the lease, so you can use more or less in a particular month without incurring an extra charge or losing unused pages in your allotment.

There are several options at end-of-lease. You can get a new MFP with a new lease, or if your current MFP is in good condition, there may be a reduced cost buyout option available.

There's no magic point where a floor-standing MFP is indicated over a desktop model. But for most use cases, the transitional range occurs anywhere from four to six reams (2,000 to 3,000 sheets) per month and/or if your have multiple smaller printers that you could decommission. Your particular use case may be different.

My Role

I don't offer equipment leases, but there are leasing companies that I work with. And in any event, I would ensure the device is configured optimally with consideration for industry-specific regulations. e.g. Medical offices are concerned with following HIPAA regulations. The technician that installs your MFP may or may not be aware of those regulations.

How so? Document scanning must be done a certain way to remain HIPAA compliant. Even the machine itself must be dealt with properly at end-of-lease to avoid HIPAA violations because many MFPs have internal hard drives that contain information, including PHI that was printed or scanned and must be wiped clean.

I can help ensure this happens correctly.

Even if you already own a floor-standing MFP, I can still make sure it's set up optimally, especially where HIPAA and other industry-specific regulations are concerned.

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