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Was my appearance on The Daily Blend w/AC or Radio Friends the first you've heard of me?

If so, then let me share more about me. The links at the top of this page will help you get to know me a little.

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Then browse my articles, also linked-to on the top. There's bound to be something you'll find interesting.

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As you probably know by now, Radio Friends is no longer. Paul Pepper has retired from the air waves after many years on the air in various capacities in Columbia. I enjoyed my relatively brief time supporting Radio Friends.

KBIA's new morning show, The Daily Blend w/AC (that's Adonica Coleman), airs Monday thru Wednesday at 8:50am, the same time that Radio Friends aired. I'll be appearing occasionally on AC's show.

Below are all my appearances on The Daily Blend w/AC, and previously, Radio Friends, from latest to earliest.

Thursday, 02-Nov-2023

Today we're discussing the various types of internet service and the companies that provide it.

See the video here on Youtube.

Fiber. Cable. DSL. Satellite. Socket. Brightspeed. Mediacom. Charter. What does it all mean?

Relevant Links:

     Internet Providers in Columbia

Paul Pepper appearances are listed here to the bottom.

Thursday, 05-Oct-2023

Today we're discussing iPhone vs Android.

See the video here on Youtube.

Most everyone has a smart phone these days. And the vast majority are either Apple's iPhone or an Android model which has numerous manufacturers. In this episode, we'll discuss a couple of major differences. There's also a link to the relevant article on my web site that goes into greater detail.

Relevant Links:

     iPhone vs. Android


Friday, 08-Sep-2023

Today we're revisiting passwords.

See the video here on Youtube.

We talked about passwords last year. But given how important this is we're doing it again. Learn about good password hygiene and password managers. This is a big topic, more than what we could cover on this episode of Radio Friends. Click the link below for much grater detail.

Relevant Links:

     Password Hygiene


Friday, 04-Aug-2023

Today we're discussing cell phones, cell towers, and how it all works. This is a requested topic from Paul Pepper. If you have a request for a certain technology topic then please email me.

See the video here on YouTube.


Cell phones started taking off since the mid 80s. But how to they work? How do cellular towers work? How do they know where you are and can you really hide your location?

Relevant Links:

     How Cell Phones Work


Tuesday, 11-Jul-2023

Today we're discussing Laser and Inkjet Printers.

See the video here on YouTube.


Printers can be pesky, troublesome devices. They're expensive to operate and no one type of printer is best at everything. What's the best type of printer to get for your specific needs?   Inkjet or laser?   How much to spend?   We'll discuss the pros and cons of each.


Today's episode is more of an overview. For more details please visit the links below.

Relevant Links:

     Laser vs Inkjet

     Large Office Printers

Thursday, 08-Jun-2023

Today we're discussing Comfort and Productivity

See the video here on YouTube.

Humans didn't evolve to sit around all day punching little buttons and watching a glowing screen. Yet that's what many of us are doing, especially office workers. Today we'll discuss how to minimize the deleterious effects on your mind and body by improving things about your workspace. Another word for this is ergonomics, defined as "The study of people's efficiency in their working environment."

We'll be discussing the importance of a good workstation: A decent computer, posture, comfortably using a telephone, a good desk, and most importantly, a good chair. This is a big topic that we could not completely cover in today's episode. Please see the link below for my full article on this topic.

Relevant Links:

     Comfort and Productivity, the Human Factor

Thursday, 11-May-2023

Today we're discussing Windows PC vs. Mac

See the video here on YouTube.

Windows (Microsoft) and MacOS (Apple) are the two main desktop operating systems. What are the main and important differences between these two platforms? We'll discuss design philosophy, costs, upgrades, and misconceptions.

Relevant Links:

     Windows PC vs Mac

Friday, 10-Mar-2023

Today we're discussing how to buy a Windows laptop.

See the video here on YouTube.

Buying a laptop isn't easy. There's a bunch of models ranging from three hundred dollars on up to $2,500 or more. But there's a sweet spot where you get the most performance for the dollar and that all has to do with the specs of the laptop. Learn which specs are important, which ones aren't quite as important, and which ones you can generally ignore.

Relevant Links:

     How to Buy a Windows Laptop

Thursday, 06-Apr-2023

Today we're discussing using ad-blockers and privacy enhancers while browsing the internet

See the video here on YouTube.

Nearly everything you do on the internet is tracked, saved, and sold to "big data" like Google, Facebook, and other data brokers that you've never heard of. All this psychographic data, specific to you, is used to sell targeted advertising and to give large data brokers extremely detailed understanding of you. We'll discuss how to reduce this kind of private enterprise surveillance.

Friday, 10-Feb-2023

Today we're discussing Wi-Fi.

See the video here on YouTube.

Almost everyone has suffered with finicky wi-fi problems at one time or another. Why is wi-fi such a pain? And what can be done to make it better? Now that many of us have faster internet options like fiber or recently improved cable service, our wi-fi systems have now become the weak link in the chain. Let's fix that shall we?

Relevant Links:

     All About Wi-Fi

Thursday, 12-Jan-2023

Today we're discussing Dark Patterns.

See the video here on YouTube.

Dark Patterns are tricky and dishonest ways that companies manipulate your online experience, usually when you are visiting their websites or using their apps. There are many dark patterns in play today to trick you in lots of ways. Listen to this episode and read the article linked just below.

Relevant Links:

     Dark Patterns

Thursday, 08-Dec-2022

Today we're discussing "cutting the cord".

See the video here on YouTube.

Cutting the Cord means cancelling cable TV and keeping only your internet service (and maybe a landline phone if you have one). Most people today are using streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and others. But far fewer people are actually taking the next step which is cancelling traditional cable TV. Those folks could save $1,000+ per year by doing so.

Relevant Links:

     Cutting the cord: TV without a cable subscription

​​​​​Thursday, 10-Nov-2022

Today we're discussing the "Internet of Things".

See the video here on YouTube.

The internet of things refers to gadgets that, well, connect to the internet. These could be new gadgets that never existed before (e.g. Amazon Alexa, streaming TV boxes like Roku or Apple TV) and things that may have existed but whose usefulness is dramatically increased by having internet connectivity (e.g. doorbell cameras and thermostats).

Then there's the everyday appliances that are beginning to get internet connectivity for no compelling reason at all. That would be coffee makers, laundry machines, refrigerators, and other appliances that we've used for decades.

Just because a gadget can connect to the internet doesn't mean it should. We'll discuss all that.

Relevant Links:

     Internet of Things: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Tuesday, 04-Oct-2022

Today we're discussing computers and the elderly with a focus on fraud awareness.

See the video here on YouTube

It is a sensitive topic but one we are all going to face if we aren't already: Having a parent or other loved one beginning to suffer from cognitive decline and how that affects their computer use and online safety. We'll discuss ways to help them safe against scammers.

Relevant Links:

     Elderly and Computers

Wednesday, 07-Sep-2022

Today we're discussing password security.

See the video here on YouTube

Perhaps Everybody loves Raymond, but nobody loves passwords. They are a pain to manage and hardly anyone does it correctly. Yet it's impossible to overstate how important this is. Your passwords are the main form of security keeping your online accounts safe.

Relevant Links:

     All About Passwords

Friday, 05-Aug-2022

On my fourth appearance on Radio Friends, we're discussing work from home.

See the video here on YouTube

"Work From Home" -- The new methodology that COVID brought to the forefront and what WFH will look like going forward.

Hint: It's here to stay.

Relevant links:

     Work from Home

     Comfort and Productivity

Tuesday, 24-May-2022

On my third appearance on Radio Friends, we're discussing slow computers, why your wi-fi may be slow, and what you can do about it.

See the video here on YouTube

Subscribing to super fast internet, like fiber, is great and wonderful. But if all your devices connect with wi-fi then you may experience slow service. Wi-fi is a big reason speed suffers. And your overall internet speed is limited by your weakest link -- often your wi-fi.

There's several ways to address this.

  • Use Ethernet cabling where you can. High traffic devices like the TV and gaming consoles should be hard-wired.

  • Use wire-line Ethernet repeaters. These gadgets plug into a mains outlet and utilizes your homes electrical wiring. These transceivers aren't as good as Ethernet and are sometimes subject to other issues, but they can work in many cases.

  • Use a wireless mesh system. This approach uses several (three usually) access points strategically located to bring a strong wi-fi signal to all corners of your home.

  • Use 5 GHz where possible. This frequency band has more capacity, is much faster, and enjoys other benefits (and some minor cons) over the older 2.4 GHz frequency.

I've setup dozens of mesh systems to good effect. If you aren't comfortable getting into the technical weeds, I can help you.

Monday, 21-Mar-2022

See the video here on Youtube.

On my second appearance on Radio Friends, we're discussing the speed of your computer experience. What are the various factors that contribute to the overall apparent speed of your computer and online experience? I keep it pretty light on the show -- it's only ten minutes after all. But here I can go into far more detail.


Your apparent experience is a combination of multiple things: computer specs, internet performance, and your wi-fi network.

Relevant Links:

​     More on computer specs here

     More on internet providers here

     More on wi-fi here

Tuesday, 18-Jan-2022

Link on Youtube

This is my first appearance on Radio Friends. My thanks to Radio Friends for having me as a guest!

We'll be discussing basic ways to stay safe with your computer.

  • Avoid scammy emails. Be aware of scams like fake antivirus renewal notices.

  • Making sure you keep your computer updated.

  • Mobile devices are safer than a regular computer for things like banking.
    Although a regular computer can be made safer by taking precautions.

Monday, 20-May-2024

Today we're discussing cutting the cord. That is, dumping expensive cable TV and using presumably cheaper streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, etc. instead. But that's getting more difficult as streaming services are balkanizing their offers more than ever.

YouTube link will be posted when it becomes available.

Click here for Show Notes

Wednesday, 21-Mar-2024

Today we're discussing basic privacy violations online, where you're not the customer, you are the product being sold. Your data pays for the party (free use of apps and the internet) to continue.


We all have smartphones and maybe a laptop or desktop computer, too. How can we enhance our privacy? Is it even possible? We'll discuss the basics of privacy, what you can limit Big Data from seeing, what you can't, and how to do it.

See the video here on Youtube.

Click here for Show Notes

Wednesday, 10-Apr-2024

Today we're discussing everyone's favorite bane -- passwords! We all have passwords, lots of 'em, and we're mostly not doing it right. Learn some tips to make passwords more secure and management simpler. Yes, that is possible.

See the video here on Youtube.

Click here for Show Notes

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