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Commercial Services

Most of the services I provide to my residential clients apply to my small business clients as well.


But it doesn't stop there. Business clients have additional needs that may not be as important to residential clients.


Browse some of these services below...

man holding earth

Data backup - keeping it safe

various backup devies

Data Backup is critically important and there are numerous ways to go about it. Local? Cloud? Both? Image-based? File-based? Off-site rotation? The list goes on... Let ITCOMO examine your world and design a backup solution that fits.


Office printers

desktop printer
floor standing printer

Laser printers are recommended for all office environments. For light duty printing (up to about 2,000 pages a month), a desktop printer will suffice. Beyond that, a floor-standing model is indicated and costs less in the long run. ITCOMO can recommend and network these devices so that everyone can print and scan from these high-speed office devices.


Dual monitor sweetness

dual monitors

Of all the productivity enhancements one can install, a dual monitor setup is probably the best. By doubling your screen real estate, you see more without swapping between your open programs. Many monitors can be converted to dual-use by adding an articulated stand such as shown above.

If you remote into your main office computer from home, your home setup can also have dual monitors to extend the office experience to your home office. It's just like sitting at work, except you can be in your bathrobe.

People who use a dual monitor setup wonder how they ever got along with out it and would never give it up.

Local area network

local area network diagram

The LAN connects all your computer resources such as a file server, employee workstations, and printers. Company files and printers may be accessed by multiple employees. And since files are centrally located on a dedicated non-user computer, they are safer from malware infection and may be centrally backed-up. ITCOMO can implement such a solution or ensure your existing solutions are optimal.

Extending your reach

remoting in from various locations

If you need to access office resources while you are away, there are a number of solutions to do just that. Mobile computing solutions allow you to access your office from home, a client's location, vacation (if you must), and even from a foreign country. Many solutions exist to extend the boundaries of your network, depending on your particular needs.


A comfortable workstation

desk with dual monitors

A comfortable and ergonomic workstation is important to good health, attitude, and productivity. While it may not be practical to change out your desk, it is possible to clean up wires, tidy up the footwell, and arrange your peripherals to give more comfort. And a good chair is an absolute must if you sit for many hours.


Wired and wireless networking

ethernet switch with cables
wireless router

Hard wiring is always superior and recommended for all fixed assets. Wireless is fine for laptops, tablets, and for visiting guests and clients. ITCOMO can setup your wireless system to ensure operational security, even when you allow guests to connect.

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